My Top 5 Tips For Adding Colour To Your Home Without Picking up A Paint Brush!

Are you craving a vibrant and colourful home but hesitant to pick up that paintbrush? Fear not, I've got you covered. Here are my top 5 tips for adding a splash of colour or to your living space without the agg of painting. Get ready to transform your home into a colourful sanctuary, that reflects both  your personality and style. 
Let's get stuck in!

Vibrant Furniture


 Inject life into your rooms with colourful pieces of furniture. This could be a brightly coloured sofa or a unique coffee table. I advise thinking long-term when making a decision on the colour, for sofa's especially as they're such a big part of a living room. 
Consider the longevity of the colour you choose. Will you still love it in the years to come? While it's essential to embrace your personal preferences, aim for a colour that will stand the test of time and offer versatility in terms of styling and future updates 
to your interior. 
Finally take into account the colours already present in the room. Choose a colour that complements or contrasts harmoniously with the surrounding elements, such as the walls, flooring, and other furniture pieces. 



Have you thought about adding multiple cushions to your sofa? they're a great way to elevate a room without having to pick up a paintbrush. Experiment with bright  colours, playful prints or textures, that complement your current decor.
I love to mix and match different sizes and colours to create an eye-catching arrangement on my sofa. 
At AKINSANYA, we offer a wide range of colours and prints that create captivating impressions. From tie-dyed satins to striking printed cotton, our cushions are designed to add  undeniable uniqueness to  
your sofa.

Wall Art

Create an eye-catching focal point with large-scale artwork or an eclectic gallery wall. Both are great options, it all depends on your style and taste.
 My advice when choosing your artwork would be, to go for something that fits with colours you already have in the room or contrasting colours. By thoughtfully placing these art pieces, you'll add depth, personality, and a delightful splash of colour to your walls.

Lighting Fixtures

Let there be light & not just any light, colourful light! 
Install striking lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or chandeliers. This where you can play with fun shapes and styles that will give your home that vibrancy you've been craving. 
Eye catching pieces will not only illuminate your space but also make a statement.
By trying out different lighting arrangements, you can achieve stunning effects that allow your lighting fixtures to shine as artistic pieces within your home.




By simply introducing colourful textiles, you can transform the overall atmosphere of your rooms. We have a fabulous selection of bedding at AKINSANYA! 
Imagine waking up in a bedroom that bursts with life and colour, that is sure to boost your dopamine levels and set you up for the day.
 I believe that your bedroom should be a cosy haven for rest and relaxation, while also reflecting your unique personality and style.
With these five fabulous methods at your finger tips, adding colour to your home will be a breeze! So go ahead, set off on your colourful journey and breathe new life into your living space.
Remember, don't be afraid to experiment and embrace your own unique style. Your home should reflect your personality and provide a space of happiness and self-expression.
Wishing you a vibrant and colourful abode that inspires and uplifts you everyday!

Stay Bold & Colourful 

 Peace and Love✌🏾💙

Jodie x 


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